Sunday, 14 September 2008

Recent non-makeup acquisitions!

Did a fair bit of shopping over the past week and these are what I picked up :-)

From Swatch: Menthol Tone watch with baby pink, light blue and clear crystals. I thought this was a steal at only S$99, much cheaper than many other Swatch watches that are usually priced around $159.

From Accessorize: a set of pink and turquoise hair clips (S$10.90) to go with the set that I already have in black and white. I love it when fashion/accessory companies come up with different shades of a great design each season so you can build a collection over time. For example, I have an Adidas by Stella McCartney exercise top in five different colours that I collected over the first few seasons of the Adidas by Stella McCartney line. Unfortunately, they've stopped producing that particular style.

From Zara: Spotted someone wearing this silk dress in a mall and I was immediately smitten. Fast forward a few days later, and I couldn't believe my good luck when I found the dress in Zara where it's part of the Fall/Winter '08 collection that features many billowy silk tops and dresses. I can't remember the exact price but think it was around S$150. My mother absolutely hates it when I buy clothes in such delicate fabrics as they are a pain to clean and iron but I just couldn't resist snapping this one up when I found it. I haven't had the chance to wear it yet but you know how some clothes are so lovely, you're happy just looking at it hanging in your closet? :-)

Love the pocket detail...

And the Japanese cherry blossom print!


Kathi said...

Very pretty buys! I love that watch!

Anonymous said...

The Zara tunic top is very pretty!