Thursday, 25 September 2008

Coffret D'Or Spring '09

We are barely into autumn yet and yet, holiday collections news seem to be gushing out everywhere. But actually what I look forward most all year are the spring collections as the major Japanese brands tend to put out their largest collections for the year in spring.

Here's what Coffret D'Or has lined up for Spring '09, according to 2Channel:

1. Shine Drape Rouge (Color): 8 shades
2. Shine Drape Rouge (Glow): 8 shades
3. Essence Lip Base
4. Lip Make Liner: 6 shades
5. Lip Make Liner Holder
6. Shine Accent Eyes: 5 palettes in #1 Orange, #2 Pink, #3 Green, #4 Purple and #5 Beige Variations

The shade on top (A) is the highlight shade, on the right (B) is the Medium Color; on the left (C) is the Shadow Color and in the centre (D) is the shiny Gel Liner which contains "Crystal Tear Pearl" for a sparkly effect. Unfortunately, the shade combinations don't look that outstanding or unique enough to tempt me. But nonetheless, props to Coffret D'Or for putting in a shiny Gel Liner instead of sticking to the standard powder eyeshadow quad or powder eyeshadow trio with a cream base/liner. The palettes may look more interesting in person so I would advise checking these out at the counter if you have access to one.

There will also be three gel liners in black, brown and grey; a mascara that can be removed with warm water in black and brown; lipglosses in pink, red and orange; and a face highlighter. The collection should launch in late December.


Anonymous said...

You are right, the color combi do not look very exciting but the shiny Gel Liner which contains "Crystal Tear Pearl" for a sparkly effect sounds very interesting! I hope it looks nice IRL :D

Anonymous said...

very pale shades..
but the gel liners are somehting new