Saturday, 10 October 2009

Aube Couture Holiday '09

Aube Couture joins in the festive season with these four limited edition Designing Jewel Compacts due out on 1 November in Japan. These were designed with the inputs of Aube's 2000 Beauty Advisers and feature a snow motif. The compacts also have a hole for attaching charms/straps.

#1 has pink lip shades with brown eyeshadows, #2 has rose lip shades with purple eyeshadows, #3 has red lip shades with gold eyeshadows and #4 has beige lip shades with silver eyeshadows. This will retail for 5250yen each, which is the highest ever price point for Aube Couture but I guess it's due to the amount of product in each palette.

1 comment:

kuri said...

wow, interesting! I don't really want both lip and eye products in a palette, but I like the look. The shadows look very pretty, but only the beige lip shades appeal to me.