Thursday, 8 October 2009

Coffret D'Or Spring 2010

Are you ready for Spring 2010? Coffret D'Or steals a march on other brands with its Romantic Pleasure collection to be released on 16 December in Japan.

It includes:
1. Jewelcious Eyes: 5 eyeshadow palettes
2. Aqua Rouge: 12 shades
3. Innocent Color Blush: Loose powder blush in 2 shades (with a pot packaging that is reminiscent of Testimo)
4. Pencil Eyeliner: 2 shades
5. Long Power Mascara: 2 shades


Chenni said...

the eye palette looks really pretty. That looks like a good size loose blush from the pic.

Whitepiano555 said...

hi thanks for update!!

Coffret D'or blush extremely reminds me of T'estimo blush. ^_^

e/s looks good.

Bijin Blair said...

This collection looks good! I like how the eyeshadow palettes turned out!

Anonymous said...

Too bad I don't use eyeliner (I always use a darker eyeshadow color).

Tamtam said...

wow i fell in love with the eyeshadow palette and loose powder blush at once !