Sunday, 25 October 2009

Maquillage Holiday '09

Maquillage will release its Christmas makeup collection on 21 November in Japan, including some items that are designed in collaboration with Alexander Wang. The limited edition compact case is a disappointment though as it reminds me of Halloween rather than Christmas!

1. Brilliant Glitter Makeup Collection (4200yen): Full Vision Mascara Brilliant Glitter #66, Dual Diamond Eyes BR230, Glossy Perfect Rouge Palette, Paper Powder Day Protecter.

2. Glossy Nail Color: 3 LE shades designed in collaboration with Alexander Wang - BE211, RD612, VI613

3. Brilliant Glitter Nail Color: 6 shades (1260yen)

4. Shiny Jelly Rouge: 6 shades (2415yen, 2g)

5. Full Vision Mascara Brilliant Glitter: 2 shades (2415yen)

6. Compact Case 09W: designed by Alexander Wang (1050yen)

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Tamtam said...

i know huh !! the case is so weird !! ==