Sunday, 25 October 2009

Coffret D'Or Spring 2010

Pics of the Coffret D'or Spring 2010 collection pamphlet from 2Channel. The collection incldes 5 new Jewelcious Palettes and 12 Aqua Rouge lipsticks. Seems like Coffret D'Or has also trimmed its spokemodels lineup as only 3 are featured in the ad campaign instead of the usual 5.


Anonymous said...

Is it just me? But i find these colors rather bland and boring. These eye palattes look just like any other collection.

Haru said...


Yeah, unfortunately many mainstream Japanese brands have a tendency to put out variations of the same color themes (brown, beige, pink, purple, blue, green) every season, especially gradational shades that are easy to use. Coffret D'or does have a couple of pretty palettes from time to time (the ones from summer '09 are especially gorgeous) but never anything too unusual.

Nina said...

Hello Haru Jie

Firstly, thanks very much for showing us the Coffret D'or beauty page/booklet. I would really need to see in greater detail of how this series is applied. when i clicked on your first Spring 2010 image (with the brown palette as the sample), it's pretty small and can't see the application part.

Would you be kind and enlarge the first Spring 2010 graphic so i can see the eye shadow makeup tutorial please?

PS: i am located oversea so can't access to this wonderful makeup how -to as they don't have such collateral instore. so most of the time we ordered our damage online, hoot hoot. hee.

thanks aplenty!

Haru said...

Hi Nina,

The photos don't belong to me, they were posted on a Japanese chatboard. I also don't have the pamphlet so I can't provide a clearer pic of it. But I'm sure once the Coffret D'Or website is updated with this collection in late Nov/early Dec, they will have tutorials that you can look at.