Friday, 2 October 2009

RMK Creamy Polished Base

RMK, which is renowned for their foundations and primers, has just introduced Creamy Polished Bases (3675yen, 30g, SPF11 PA++), a trio of makeup bases with a creamy texture that dries to a half-matte finish and helps to cover up pores while keeping skin moisturised.


Anonymous said...

do they say how it's different from the current makeup base (which i assume it's replacing)? i use and like the current one, so just wondering! thanks!

Pinky said...

Hi Haru
Yes, i heard RMK is reowned for its primer and foundation. have you tried their makeup base/primer, Haru? do you find it price and face worthy? :)


Anonymous said...

I'm using Nvey Eco fluid foundation & the coverage is sheer & natural. However, It doesn't seems to cover my pores. I am trying out a sample of Clinique Superbalanced liquid foundation. It seems to have better coverage.

Haru said...


I think the main difference is in the texture. The new one is more of a cream texture with higher coverage while the current makeup base is more watery and sheer (and I think it's sticking around as it has not been taken off the Japan RMK website).

Hi pinky,
I have used their RMK's makeup base and liquid foundation and they are indeed quite good but not really my all-time favourites. For liquid foundation, I still prefer Guerlain's Prarure Pearly White which gives a more polished finish and has sufficient coverage whereas RMK's liquid foundation looks very natural and like your skin but better. The base is also very light textured and does not make my skin feel oily but it also does not offer good oil control, which I need.