Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Aube Couture Website Update

The four Aube Couture holiday palettes (5250yen) are also up on the official website.

The promo visual featuring Kanno Miho (above) is alright but the visual featuring the other model (below) just looks like she's trying too hard.


visee said...

Hi Haru, your comment about Saki Aibu made me laugh. I get that same feeling about her whenever I see her picture or in dramas. Whereas Kanno Miho is really pretty and natural.

I just love neutral eyeshadows, so these palettes are right up my alley. I like the Gold and Silver palettes best, followed by the Brown! Hopefully this gets sold online! :)

Haru said...

Hi visee!
I didn't really know who Saki Aibu was, haven't seen any of her shows. But Kanno Miho definitely is the more natural model. I'm sure the palettes will be carried online, probably at or

Anonymous said...

Just tried out the eco-tools foundation brush today. It doesn't really give me any 'sirbrush' feel. I can easily achieved the same look with just a makeup sponge.

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru,

do you know where can I get the Aube Couture palettes online?

I have one eyeshadow palette and really love it very much!

I'm determined to get the holiday palette next!


Haru said...

The only website I found selling Aube Couture is The prices are expensive but it includes shipping, and they are usually very efficient.