Saturday, 3 October 2009

Japanese Magazine Freebies

Here's a look at the freebies included in upcoming Japanese magazines. The release dates are for Japan. Kinokuniya Singapore's air shipment days are usually the Wednesdays and Fridays of each week. Please call them if you want to know when a particular magazine is arriving.

Steady (November issue, 7 October): Beams polka dot tote bag. Watch the video clip here.

InRed (November issue, 7 October): Zucca tote bag and matching zip pouch. Watch the video clip here/.

Sweet (November issue, 10 October): Charlotte Ronson zip pouch and scrunchie. Watch the video clip here.

Cutie (November issue, 10 October): Cecil McBee fur pouch and hair accessory

Spring (December issue, 23 October): Dressterior tote bag (35x18x14cm)

Mini (December issue): Irony tote bag

More (December, 28 October): yoyu by 4 Hair accessory


midori said...

Thanks for letting us know. I love the extras in Japanese magazines.

j0s1e267 said...

Hi! I finally picked up Sep Non-no with Tsumori Chisato tote today! The print is really cute, too bad the straps are a little el-cheapo. And, the Cath Kidston mook is AWESOME! The tote bag is extremely well made (not the regular cloth tote) and just HUGE! I also bought the Oct issue of SCawaii, it came with a small Rodeo Crowns tote with a cute bear print. Happy Sunday!

Haru said...

Hey midori,
You're welcome! Japanese mags give the best extras although I'm not tempted by any of the extras in this batch.

Hi Michelle!
Glad to hear that you finally got the Non-no! The Tsumori Chisato tote is super cute, but you're right, wish the overall bag quality was higher. I haven't used it at all since I got it. The Cath Kidston is much better but then again it did cost almost twice as much as Non-no. I think I saw the SCawaii mag, thought that was cute too but I'm just drowing in all these small totes, as it is!

kenji_sugizo said...

Your information reviews really helps those who cannot make up their mind on what to buy...Nice one...thanks.....

Anonymous said...

Only the hair accesory from More caught my attention. Thanks for the heads'up.