Thursday, 1 October 2009

More x Gelato Pique

Picked up the November issue of More magazine (S$17.50) with the Gelato Pique cotton tote bag today at Kinokuniya.

While I love the floral print and sweet colors, the tote bag feels a bit thin and is probably best used as a book/newspaper bag. It can fit the More magazine very comfortably. The magazine itself is focused mainly on autumn fashion trends and was a bit of a boring read for me.

There are many copies of the Jill Stuart 5th Anniversary Beauty Mook (with the vanity pouch and mirror) and Marc by Marc Jacobs still available at Kino (Ngee Ann City). Also spied a copy of the Rebecca Taylor mook and two of Gelato Pique on the shelves.


engeng said...

Did you see any of the Nov issue of Spring? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Only lots and lots of the 5th anniversary Jill Stuart mook. :)

Haru said...

Nope, I didn't see Spring. Why don't you call Kino to find out when is the next shipment?

Anonymous said...

Japanese magazines out during these periods mostly featured Autumn/Winter styles which doesn't really applies to Singapore weather.

j0s1e267 said...

Hi Iris! I picked this up 2 days ago! It arrived via airmail at my local Kino. The print is pretty but it is very thin, I guess, you can call it lightweight! I hope to pick up my Non-no with Tsumori Chisato bag on Sat and hopefully, the Cath Kidston and Gelato Pique mooks soon!

p/s I caved and bought the JS mook!