Thursday, 22 October 2009

MAC Magic, Mirth & Mischief!

I dropped by Robinsons at Raffles City to check out the Beauty Fair and came across the new launch of the MAC Magic, Mirth and Mischief! holiday color collection plus the mega-display of holiday palettes, makeup and brush sets.

I liked the Conjure Up Mineralize Blush, which is a deep plum pink. As many other beauty blogs have noted, the larger crescent shaped shades in the Mineralize Eyeshadows are gorgeous with excellent color payoff and feel extremely silky to touch. Unfortunately, the smaller shade in each has an awful gritty glittery texture. The huge size of these eyeshadows also mean that they are virtually impossible to finish so I just could not justify getting these as I doubt I would use them often enough. The 4-color Mineralize Eyeshadows that MAC had released awhile ago were more attractive in that respect. You can see excellent close-up photos and swatches of the Mineralize Eyeshadows on

MAC's holiday sets have never held much appeal for me, probably because they are designed to be crowd-pleasers and yet I can never find a set where all of the shades are attractive to me. I also usually find the packaging a bit tacky. This year's offerings are again, fairly lacklustre. I couldn't even bothered to swatch them, just moved right on to Magic, Mirth & Mischief. Compared to my recent acquisition, Tarte Treasure Chest, the value-for-money factor of MAC sets comes up a bit short although if you are just starting to get into MAC, these can be a good way to try out several MAC products for a fairly affordable price.

It's well-known that MAC's brush sets are of much lesser quality compared to their regular brushes. I'd much rather invest in the regular brushes as they last for many years with good care.

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AhCapp said...

I am so surprised that MAC's holiday palettes are so similar to last year's and even the year before last *yawn* =( Good in a way, I can save $ now....