Sunday, 25 October 2009

Lavshuca Winter '09

The Lavshuca website has been updated with the winter collection, which will be released on 1 November in Japan. Unlike past years, Lavshuca is not releasing any holiday palettes/sets this year. Instead, 12 new Custom Select Deep Eyes (eyeshadow duos) and 22 mini lipsticks (10 shades of Shiny Lips N [Color] and 12 shades of Shiny Lips N [Shiny]) have been added to the permanent line-up. The mini lipsticks usually cost 1050yen and the Custom Select Deep Eyes are 997yen each. Too bad the grey accessory box in the pic below is not for sale!

It's interesting to see Lavshuca release three green duos as there used to be a distinct scarcity of green shades in Lavshuca's eyeshadow lineup. The shade selection include the usual crowd-pleasers of pastel pinks and neutral browns. If I could pick one brand that I would like Watsons to bring in next, it would probably be Lavshuca. I think it would do very well here with its affordable price points and cute packaging.


Laura said...

Hi Haru,

I am excited about seeing this year's Fall/Winter collection in person for all brands especially Lavshuca. I have always enjoyed looking at Puffy's makeup in Lavshuca's ads, which mostly always looked so flawless and wide-eyed smokey. Their eye makeup has always been really captivating and is my source of inspiration in creating looks for my eyes (although my bf is positive that they all look the same, haha). I echo your sentiment that Watsons should absolutely bring in Lavshuca. Judging from the brands that they have been bringing in for the past 1-2 years, I am hopeful that they will eventually bring in Lavshuca as well. If they can put SK-II into Watsons in HK, then why not Lavshuca in Singapore, yes?

Ti_Amo said...

I agree, the best part of the picture seems to be that accessory box.

kuri said...

ooh, very colorful winter collection! Yet I'm drawn to the brown duos. Can't wait to check out them in person. GN-1 looks very nice too.