Saturday, 3 October 2009

Revolution x L'Oreal GWP

Picked up this incredible L'Oreal GWP with Revolution magazine at Kinokuniya (Bugis Junction) today. The mag itself cost S$15 (but I paid only $13.50 with my Kino member's discount) while the L'Oreal set is worth S$80 and includes 4 full-sized men's skincare products:
1. Men Expert Vita Lift Eye 15ml (Manufacturing date: Dec '08)
2. Men Expert Vita Lift Moisturiser 30ml (Jan '09)
3. Men Expert Vita Lift Revitalizing Cleansing Foam 100ml (Jul '09)
4. Studio Mineral FX Invisi'Gel 150ml (Jul '09)

As you can see, all the products were manufactured recently so no worries about the freshness of these. This is just perfect for my boyfriend! :-)


Furry Guy! said...

That's such cool stuff!!!! You rock!

kenji_sugizo said...

Kino is thankful for your support......

Anonymous said...

I saw this last weekend too. However, no guy pals of mine are into Loreal products.