Saturday, 17 October 2009

Kiss Holiday '09

Kiss is releasing a Magical Bloom Gloss (945yen, 2 shades) on 25 November in Japan. These are unfragranced lip glosses that appear clear in the pot and turn pink when applied.


Kathi said...

Hi sweetie,
I hope you're all well =D I miss you! =D
I think Kiss is releasing the most boring stuff for the holidays =X But I love so much of the upcoming holiday stuff that every brand that is coming up with a unexciting collection is welcome as it saves me money lol!

Faye said...

Oh wow how cool! What a brilliant idea and it looks gorgeous! Think I need it!

Sheila said...

Hi Haru!

This is a very interesting concept, I believe Clarins has something that is similar too. I always wonder what my colour will turn out to be, hehe.

makeupmag said...

A brilliant concept. I like the clarity of the casing.