Friday, 8 April 2011

Ettusais Quick Fix Powder

Earlier this week, I received this delectable limited edition Ettusais Quick Fix Powder from Shiseido to try out.

The sweet pink compact embossed with the white lace doily motif is the prettiest compact I've ever seen from Ettusais!

The Quick Fix Powder (S$26; 1365yen in Japan) is meant to be used for touch ups on the go. Very often, foundation tends to wear off as the skin produces oil during the course of the day. After blotting off any excess sebum, simply pat on the Quick Fix Powder to touch up your foundation. It contains mineral powders to absorb oil while helping to cover up pores and skin unevenness with a soft focus finish.

Like most Ettusais products, it is formulated to be suitable for ladies who are prone to adult acne. It is non-comedogenic and is free of oil, fragrance and alcohol. The SPF10 PA++ is relatively low so if you are going to be outdoors for many hours, it's best to also use a sunblock underneath with a higher SPF and PA.

This is available in only one shade, "Natural Color", which should suit most ladies between MAC NC20-NC30. Fortunately, the shade works wonderfully on me and looks very natural. It does a great job of evening out my skin tone, making it look slightly more radiant while minimising the appearance of my pores.

I've been using this for touch ups after lunch and again in the evening, if I go out after work. I love how smoothly it applies without ever caking or looking powdery. The oil control is also pretty good and my T-zone usually starts to shine only after about a couple of hours. At 6.5g, I'm guessing that this will last about 4-5 months with daily use.

The included puff feels nicely soft, fluffy and cushiony against the skin. It is not the plushiest puff I've ever felt but it's very soft for a puff of this size.

Below is the list of ingredients, which includes talc.

The Quick Fix Powder will debut exclusively at Metro Woodlands on 30 April from 3pm-4.30pm, as part of the celebration for the re-opening of the newly renovated counter. On that day, every purchase of the Powder comes with a gift of a travel-sized Pore Smooth Concealer (2.5g) and make-up base (either the Whitening UV EX (oil block) 15ml or Whitening UV EX (dry block) 10g). The travel sizes are the smaller bottle and tube in the photo below. This promotion is exclusive to the Metro Woodlands counter for just 30 April between 3pm-4.30pm.

With every $60nett spent during the 90 minutes, you will also receive the cute pink pouch below. To reserve the Quick Fix Powder to purchase on 30 April at Metro Woodlands, just email with your name and contact number. The Quick Fix Powder will be available islandwide at all 9 Ettusais counters starting 1 May.

In case you're wondering why the Ettusais compact looks familiar, it's probably because it is the same shape and size as the Majolica Majorca All Night Compact from the Holiday 2009 "Mademoiselle Midnight" collection!

The All Night Compact is a face illuminating powder and comes with a smaller but more elaborate, lace-covered puff.

The Quick Fix Powder is likely to sell very quickly, seeing as how lovely the compact is and the relatively affordable price. I'm pretty sure I'll need to purchase a back-up of this! As it is limited edition, don't wait too long to get this if you like it!


nefta.chan said...

Thanks for the heads up!
I'll definitely be getting this product!
Hopefully the oil control will be good!

Tess said...

is this limited edition?

Haru said...

hi Tess,
Yes, it is limited edition. I've amended the post to state that.

Anonymous said...

Limited edition, if is good, why is it limited edition? btw, does it come with refill? but again, since is limited edition, what is point of refill.

Haru said...

Ettusais does not sell the powder in refill form. However, the case does have a small hole in the bottom (covered up by the sticker). If you peel the sticker back, you can use a pen to poke through the hole and lift up the powder pan. So after you finish up the Quick Fix Powder, you can replace it with another pan that fits the case.

Just because a product is limited edition doesn't mean it's not good enough to make it to the permanent line. Brands do limited edition products to showcase trends or meet specific needs for a season. It's also a way of keeping things fresh and interesting for their customers. If a product does well enough as a limited edition release, the company can always consider bringing it back as a permanent product.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the guidance on how to settle about this refill issue. Sorry, did not even notice the hole at the bottom of the case. I thought is like MAC compact case, unable to change for a refill. Very tempted to buy, and hope I can grab this one during the launch. Scared it will sell out if anyone has read this post. The case is also very pretty.

Haru said...

I also didn't know there was a hole until I saw the hole in the back of the Majolica case and so I peeled back the sticker of the Ettusais case and found the hole! Just pop down to any Ettusais counter on 1 May, and you should be able to get it without any problem.

makeupmag said...

It really looks like the MJ one; no wonder you exclaimed in surprise when you first saw the Ettusais. :D

The doily print is adorable (and certainly more elaborate than many compacts out there).

Lakwatsera Inday_gamay said...

wow. i love this! i will definitely purchase! thanks iris

Lynn Cia said...

Thanks for the heads-up! Has sent an email to Shiseido to reserve after reading your post. :)

Tavy said...

Hi Haru, can this quick fix powder be used alone like base / loose foundation? Think of using it as a light weight powder on my face. :)

Haru said...

hi Tavy,
Yes, it can. I wear it sometimes over just makeup primer. It provides some coverage and just makes my skin look better and more even-toned.

Anonymous said...

I have send an email to reserve but no reply from them. Hopefully they will help me reserve

Unknown said...

looks great, am so going to get it! thanks for the info on when it will be launched!

Lynn Cia said...

Hi iris, just to share with all, I emailed ettusais to reserve the powder, however, they told me it is priced at $28 instead of $26 (as seen in the brochure). They said there was a price error, $28 including of GST.

Jing Yi said...


I'll like to clarify if we spend $60 (including the quick fix powder) during the 90 mins, we will get the pink pouch? Is the pink pouch limited? Must we reserve it through email too? Thanks.

Haru said...

Yes, you will get the pink pouch as a gift if you spend $60 within the 90minutes. The email reservation method is for those who would like to be assured of getting the Quick Fix Powder. I don't know if the pouch can be reserved too. Gifts with purchases are usually while stocks last. You can always email ettusais directly to check.

Anonymous said...

Manage to buy this during the launch. However, no luck in the lucky draw. However, I make use of the receipt to claim for the voucher from Causeway point. Cheers