Sunday, 3 April 2011

Samantha Thavasa x Hello Kitty x Liberty

After deliberating over this Samantha Thavasa Hello Kitty Liberty print vinyl bag for quite some time, I finally caved and purchased it yesterday, thanks to encouragement by Mag. The Hello Kitty clutching strawberries and apples amidst a cascade of cherry blossoms was just too charming to resist.

According to the shop staff, the blue/green version is exclusively produced for the Singapore store. This is also available in pink and yellow at the Ion store while in Japan, it is also available in red and lavender.

Made in Japan, the material is cotton coated with PVC which makes it stain-resistant. The tote is quite roomy and sits comfortably under the arm.

The interior has two pockets on one side.

Also couldn't resist getting this gold My Melody charm from the new Samantha Vega store in Isetan Orchard. As there was no "I" available, I settled for the "H" since my online moniker is Haru. As a kid, My Melody was my favourite Sanrio character, much more so than Hello Kitty.

Together with my purchase, I also received a notebook from the lucky draw. The bag goes perfectly with the Liberty print wallet, tissue case and pass case that I carry with me daily. The wallet is also by Samantha Thavasa while the pass case was a freebie from the November 2010 issue of With. The tissue case was a freebie from the February issue of Lee.


Anonymous said...

i've been deliberating over this print for some time too! i do wonder... h.

Sally said...

It is v nice! How much are for both? I feel like getting the bag too, love the blue!

Mariko said...

Nice print collection! :) not everyone can carry out this print though, i guess it suits u well. I can't carry it out so I got Aimi instead. haha.

Mariko :)

Haru said...

hi Sally,
The bag is S$322 and the charm is S$74. Isetan is having a 10% rebate with each $50 purchase for cardmembers this weekend, so I received a $5 voucher when I purchased the charm at Samantha Vega.

hi Mariko,
The Hello Kitty is not that obvious unless you look at it up close. The Aimi bags tend to be a bit too loud for me!

Lynn.TrinketsLove said...

Very pretty charm! :D

asillybow said...

I bought the charm too! My melody is my favourite sanrio character too. :)

Anonymous said...

The bag is lovely!

I've been eyeing it but am still thinking whether I should get it. Which size is this?

makeupmag said...

A beautiful haul. :D They're very you!

galpal.hi said...

I love the bag! I don't think that there is any place here that I can get it from.


Nancy said...

Hi, I'm from California and I have a small clutch like purse from Samantha Thavasa +Liberty+Hello Kitty. It was given to my daughter as a gift when she was a kid. I was wanting to know the value. I'm not sure where to go...any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Haru said...

Hi Nancy,
you can look on the Samantha Thavasa Japan online store for similar designs and their prices in Japanese yen.

Hope that helps!