Monday, 4 April 2011

Sleek Avoir La Pêche

My Sleek order of the Avoir La Pêche collection finally landed on my doorstep today, brightening up what was otherwise yet another dreary Monday! I was starting to get anxious about it as it had been two weeks since it was despatched from Sleek. (I placed the order on 19 March and it was despatched on the 21st). My previous order last December had taken only one week to reach me.

Fortunately, I was able to split the hefty shipping fee of US$13.50 with a couple of friends. (Thanks, Chantana and Sara!) I ordered the new Paraguaya i-Divine Palette (US$10) and Pan Tao blush (US$6.50).

Avoir La Pêche means "have a peach" in French so naturally there is a preponderance of peach, pink, coral and orange shades. Orange is difficult to pull off but the other shades look fairly user-friendly. I also like the two grey shades in this palette, which is a nice change from the usual black shade that Sleek likes to includes in almost all of its palettes.

Including the postage cost, I paid only S$15.90 for Paraguaya. That's still much cheaper than most eyeshadow palettes sold in drugstores in Singapore.

I don't have many peach blushes in my collection, except for NARS Gilda, as they tend not to show up well on me. Pan Tao is a very bright matte coral peach. I like that the collection artwork is printed on the compact cover, unlike the Paraguaya palette.

However, the compact remains annoyingly difficult to open and a sure-fire way to chip your manicure as the only way to pop it open is to slide your thumbnail into the opening between the clasp and the bottom half of the compact.

With my order, I also received this Mini High Shine Lip Gloss #317 Magic Strawberry. It's chock full of gold glitter though, and I'm quite averse to glitter in lip products so I'll probably gift this to one of my younger cousins.

I'll try to post some looks with Paraguaya and Pan Tao later this week. My earlier reviews of other Sleek i-Divine Palettes can be viewed as follows: Jewels, Sparkle, Curious (also here), Original (and here), Storm, Bad Girl (and here). There are a few others in my collection that I haven't written about like Good Girl, Bohemian and Circus but those are limited edition palettes that are no longer sold.


MEOW said...

ahh i have been eyeing that peach palette :) it looks sooo lovely!

Chantana said...

The new collections, especially Caribbean palette are so pretty!

Lynn said...

I'm looking forward to receiving my orders! The other sleek palettes coming out look DIVINE! lol, let me know when you're order? The shipping fees can be split further :)

Barbara said...

just to let you know "avoir la peche" in French means "to be in good spirits" (i.e. feeling good). It's a common greeting among friends.

min said...

am silent reader and its always enjoyable to read ur blog

i wanna share about peach blush, u may try majolica majorca sugarytrap, apricot macaroon is very nice color.

amy said...

the blush is very pretty! and yes i dont know what is with the casing of sleek blushes!!! i just chipped my polish while trying to open Flamingo this morning :(

Lakwatsera Inday_gamay said...

Hi iris,

Where did you order the palettes? Thank you. I love your blogs!:-)


Tania Lie said...

Hi Iris, do you mind sharing your products recommendations from Paul & Joe Beaute? I want to buy some Paul & Joe stuff for my friend but I'm not familiar with the brand. Hope you can help me. Thanks!

Haru said...

hi Rousy,
I ordered the palettes from Sleek Makeup's website. They are based in the UK and they ship internationally.

hi Cookie,
Perhaps you can get your friend a lipstick from Paul & Joe? They make nice, flattering colours that are easy for most women to wear. They also have nice lipglosses. Or if you know the type of shades that she likes to use for eyeshadows and blushes, you can pick out some nice shades for her too as Paul & Joe's blushes and eyeshadows are good quality. I wouldn't recommend trying to buy her base makeup or skincare as those are very subjective depending on her skintype and tone.

Unknown said...

hi iris,

the sleek palette u order from
will they ship all the way to ur door step or need to go to sing post to collect it? is there a registered mail or something? pls help, thanks!

Haru said...

The parcel was sent by normal airmail. Sleek does not offer the option of registered airmail. I received my parcel in my mailbox.

Crazy4makeup said...

I love this palette!!!