Monday, 4 April 2011

Sleek: Upcoming Collections

A couple of UK-based blogs have sneak peeks at the upcoming collections from Sleek for the rest of this year:

Sephora (Europe) exclusive: Oh So Special i-Divine palette is on Sparklz and Shine

May: Mediterranean Collection with Monaco i-Divine palette is on Princesa Livia and An Exception To The Rule

July: Caribbean Collection with Curaçao i-Divine palette is on Sparklz and Shine and An Exception To The Rule

August: Pout Paints are on Sparklz and Shine

September: Nude Collection with the Au Naturel i-Divine palette is on Sparklz and Shine


~ishikaaz~ said...

Wow looking forward to all these palettes! They even have one shade named Singapore Sling! :D

Ling said...

Hey Haru

Thanks for answering my questions on Rachel K product, i have a much clearer idea now. I love to have Sleek in Singapore (pray!) and i thought it's cool if you are invited by Sleek for a blogger event in UK/London and you can visit your brother too hehehe. who knows maybe this can happen soon since all the PR also google for bloggers reviews to improve their marketing strategies :P

Haru, like to ask for a advice from you. hope you don't mind. after i read your post on your Maldives honeymoon with husband, i found i also need a kick in my marriage life. haven't been doing my best all these times with so many things to juggle, from kids, family to hectic work..i thought maybe surprise my husband with a roof top dining and look my glamorous best hehe. with my limit, i don't think i can do so good makeup i would need professional help. can you please help me recommend any counter makeup for makeover? i know there are MAC, Shu umera etc but on a personal level, which one do you think you will go for a makeover with? i don't mind the price, i know we need to pay for such service. like to seek your advice on this, thanks!

Haru said...

Frankly, I've never been happy with any of the makeovers that I received at the counters here. I've tried MAC, Shu Uemura and Bobbi Brown's makeover services a long time ago and the results were always not that great. So I can't really recommend any of them as I don't have any recent personal experience with the makeover services by local companies. I know that MAC provides makeovers if you spend $80. Perhaps try to choose a brand whose style and aesthetic is more similar to your own? Bobbi Brown is probably a very safe choice in that respect if you are not into trendy colours but more to look pretty and polished. I'm not sure how much they charge for makeovers though.

Ling said...

Hi Haru thanks. Yes, Bobbi brown sounds like a safe choice since they are more into neutral, nude to look polished and pretty. i will give them a call. thanks

Vonvon said...

May is my birthday month! Yay! Can't wait to get the Monaco palette. Love the Mediterranean sea, and Greece! Yes, definitely getting the Santorini blush from this collection too.