Sunday, 17 April 2011

OPI DS Magic and Accessorize Electric Blue

While browsing in Robinsons at Centrepoint yesterday, OPI DS Magic from the Designer Series line caught my eye. The DS polishes are priced higher than the normal OPI polishes at around S$33 and have holographic finishes in intense hues.

DS Magic is a gorgeous bright metallic blue with a slight purple duochrome. This was two coats topped off with the OPI Top Coat (which was much more prone to nicks and smudges than Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat).

I didn't purchase DS Magic as it was so expensive, plus I suspected that I already had a similar shade in my nail polish collection. And indeed I did! Accessorize #42 Electric Blue is a super close dupe of DS Magic and much more affordable at just £4 for 10ml. In the pic below, the shades are (from left to right): Accessorize Electric Blue, OPI DS Magic, Topshop Future (from the Heavy Duty collection) and MAC Biker Blue (from the Jeanius collection). (Please excuse the messy application.)

Like OPI DS Magic, Accessorize Electric Blue has a purple duochrome effect going on. It's a bit thin and streaky on the first coat but but by the second coat, it looks nicely opaque. In the pics below, I used OPI Ridge Filler as the base, followed by two coats of Electric Blue and topped with Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat.

I purchased Electric Blue during my London trip in February. Unfortunately, the Accessorize stores in Singapore do not carry the nail polish and makeup line.


Kas said...

The electric blue accessorise polish is sooo pretty - its what I wanted my Orly Lunar Eclipse to look like (but that needs like almost 4 coats for opacity!). The formula on the Accessorise ones seems great - that Mermaid shade you gave me applies wonderfully!

Haru said...

The only flaw I find with Accessorize polishes is that the brush is a bit thin. Nevertheless, I think Accessorize did very well in coming up with its nailpolish shades!

Kas said...

I'm still tempted by Future, the blue polish from the Topshop collection ... I keep telling myself that Lancome Indigo one is similar but my heart stubbornly refuses to believe :P

makeupmag said...

The duochrome shows up well! I like the seeming gradation of colours. :)