Friday, 29 April 2011

RMK Makeup Workshop at Takashimaya

RMK is holding a series of 2-hour hands-on makeup workshops at Takashimaya from Friday 13 May to Sunday 15 May. A Japanese makeup artist, Mr Kosuke Wada, will be conducting the workshop and showing techniques for creating a radiant complexion and how to use the new summer makeup collection.

The registration fee is $100 and is fully redeemable for products. Aside from the door gift, ladies who make the prepaid registration by Sunday 8 May will also receive a Brightening Jelly Sheet Mask worth $16. You can register for the workshop by calling the Takashimaya counter at 6238-8043 or through

As RMK is renowned for its base makeup, I'm looking forward to seeing how Mr Wada uses the new Pressed Powder N and Smoothing Polished Base.


Hannah said...

I'd love to attend the workshop but can't. :( So can I request that you do a post on it after you have attended it? TIA!

Haru said...

hi Hannah,
I'll definitely do so! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi haru, I am going to new York soon. I would like to buy some foundations there. Do the sephora SAs give out samples easily? Because I would like to try them before I buy.

Also, any tips about shopping there or where to shop?

Thanks in advance!