Thursday, 7 April 2011

Holika Holika at Wisma Atria

The Holika Holika store is now open in level B1 of Wisma Atria. The store set-up is quite simple and doesn't feel as charming as Etude House. The product price range is typical of Korean beauty brands in Singapore, with everything from sheet masks, skincare, BB creams, colour makeup, makeup tools and accessories such as sponges, puffs and brushes.

The baked mineral Fairy Baker Cooke Shadows are S$22.50 each while the Fairy Bakery Muffin Shadows are S$25 each. The Muffin shadows have a swirled half. These swatched rather smoothly with a metallic finish.

Lotus Palace has just reviewed these eyeshadow palettes, which are S$42+.

If the eyeliners in the photo below look familiar, it's because the packaging is an almost exact copy of a similar product by Sofina's (now defunct) Aube a few years ago. It always makes me wonder why Korean beauty brands like to do knock offs of products by other brands instead of innovating on their own strengths and building a more unique, coherent brand identity.


Julia said...

Personally, I find many products look like a Majolica Majorca ripoff. But well, I don't mind two cute brands out there! ;)

cloud said...

That's expensive by Korean d/s cosmetics standard. :(

JennD said...

Almost all the korean brands cosmetics that reached our shores are expensive. I seriously wonder if shipping costs are really that ex!