Monday, 11 April 2011

Shu Uemura Eyeshadows and Glow On Blushes Renewal

Shu Uemura will be revamping its Pressed Eye Shadows and Glow On blushes on 1 June in Japan. The Pressed Eye Shadows will drop in price from 2415yen to 1890yen while the Glow On blushes will be reduced from 2940yen to 2415yen. No details yet on the new size except that they will be more "user-friendly" and eco-friendly. Here are a couple of pics tweeted by a Japanese editor.


Fay. H. said...

That looks interesting, so its a palette where you can choose the 4 colors?

Haru said...

I don't have any further details but Sh usually has cases that fit four of their eyeshadows.

Anonymous said...

wow i never heard or read any brand that reduces prices when they revamp a product. OMG and the new ones look quite loevly in the picture too. I will be watching out and no more old shu stuff for me for now. (I just went to the boutique today but no one told me this news as probably no one there knew a thing!) What would I do without you!


Maya said...


This is totally irrelevant, but I bit the bullet and purchased Addiction by Ayako stuff online, at hideously jacked up prices. :(

I was supposed to go to Japan this summer but it was shelved bec of the current tragedy. And I planned to get Addiction stuff if I went. Anyway, you were my enabler via your last haul entry from Osaka. I couldn't take it. I got the Fairy gloss and Keshi eyeshadow. I'm loving them lots. :)

Haru said...

Hey Maya,
Glad to hear that you're liking the Addiction products! Virtually everyone I know who has tried Addiction loves it. It's a pity it's not more widely available as it is such a well edited brand with top quality products.

Hi jojoba,
You're welcome! I wonder if they will revamp the shades or only the packaging as they only just renewed the shade lineup a few years ago. It's nice to see a brand making its products more affordable for once.

Light Love said...

oh my goodness! revamp! and price drop? that's crazy!
btw, the colors looks amazing! can't wait to see their new things! thank you!

Anonymous said...

it's a good thing they're giving less product. i don't understand why there's so much quantity in...any beauty product. unless you use the same thing everyday, hardly anyone would use up an entire regular-size eyeshadow! -h.

Unknown said...

This is insane and good news. But, I really hope they don't manufacture in Korea or China. My last purchased from Shu, the eyeshadow is already made in Korea. Kinda disappointed. Korea is still good, but still this is well known top quality Japanese manufactured cosmetics.