Thursday, 7 April 2011

Kate Mascara Base and Magical Long Gel Mascara

At a recent Kate bloggers' event, I received their Magical Long Gel Mascara N BK1 and Mascara Base A (Volume Long) to try out. The Magical Long Gel mascara is a glossy jet black mascara without any fibres. The black gel not only helps to lengthen and build volume, the gel formula also means there are no powder bits flaking off through the course of the day. The mascara is smudgeproof and tears-resistant, and it can be removed with warm water (40°C and above). It also contains treatment ingredients such as olive oil, panthenol and silk to condition the lashes.

Below is the ingredients list (click to view in full size).

The Mascara Base is chock full of white fibres in a half-translucent base. It is supposed to help build length and volume as well as hold the curl of the lashes. It is also formulated with olive oil, panthenol and silk, and can be removed with warm water.

Below is the ingredients list.

The mascara base tends to come out of the tube smothered in fibres so it's best to clean off some before applying, otherwise the fibres get very messy on the lashes. I'm still not a fan of fibre-based mascaras and primers for the simple fact that the fibres often fall in between my lashes or under my eyelid and end up irritating my eye to no end. The first time I used the Kate Mascara Base, I drove to work feeling a fibre tickling my eye with every blink. Fortunately, I was able to remove it thereafter.

The mascara base does build length and volume very well, to the point of being ridiculous (about twice the length of my lashes) if you get some of the longer fibres extending way off the lash tips. I ended up having to pick off some of the fibres. The base also helps to hold the curl of my lashes and the white fibres were easily concealed by the black mascara.

The photo above shows my lashes with both the primer and mascara while the photo below shows my lashes with only the mascara. When I didn't use the primer, there was a significant difference as the mascara alone could not hold the curl of my lashes and the lengthening effect was not as good. The mascara does have its plus points though. The gel formula slicks on very smoothly and doesn't clump with repeated brushes through the lashes. The jet black formula gives great definition and doesn't make my lashes feel stiff or brittle after drying.

Removal of both the mascara and base was a breeze with the Biore Makeup Remover for Eye and Lip.

For this look, I also used: Rachel K Color Control Blemish Balm topped with Jill Stuart Loose Powder, Sleek Paraguaya i-Divine Palette and Pan Tao blush, MAC Play Time lipstick topped with Topshop Gloom Gloss, Dolly Wink Liquid Liner, K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow 02 and Lancome Natural Light Creator Bare Skin Perfecting Corrector Pen #1.

Kate can be found easily at Watsons stores islandwide. Do also check out the Kate Facebook page and Singapore website.


Winnie said...

I love the coral eyeshadow on you... very pretty.

Winnie said...

How do u like the Lancome Natural Light Creator Bare Skin Perfecting Corrector Pen #1? Do you think it's a must have? thanks!

JennD said...

I don't think the mascara and its base do not look impressive to me when I look at your photos. Thanks for reviewing it!

Haru said...

hi Winnie,
The Lancome corrector pen doesn't completely cover up my under eye dark circles but it does help to brighten up that area. I probably won't re-purchase it though as I'd like to look for one with better coverage.

Lynn said...

I love how the new Sleek Palette and the Pan Tao blush go together so nicely! You look really good :)