Saturday, 23 April 2011

Paul & Joe Sale at Takashimaya

There is a Paul & Joe sale at the Takashimaya "A Shoes & Bags Affair" currently on at level B2 of Ngee Ann City. One of the Face Color & Lip Gloss Sets and both the Eye & Lip Color Sets from the Symphony holiday collection are selling at just S$48 each, down from the original price of S$89. I didn't check the prices for any of the other products. The sale is on until Sunday 8 May.


Lynn Cia said...

Thanks for the info, Iris! Appreciate your update on the sale. Do you know the face and lip set, is that 01 (peach) or 02 (pink)? Any other items on sale other than pictured?

Unknown said...


Been reading your blog for a few months and I love your reviews!! OMG they have Takashimaya in Singapore? That's so cool, I've been to the one in Japan. I am considering taking up a 6 month internship in Singapore and was wondering what the work environment in SG is like. I live in California and was wondering if it would be difficult for me to get around Singapore & adjust to the lifestyle etc. Just thought I'd ask someone that actually lives there for some insight!! Thanks for your help! =]

Haru said...

hi Lynn,
I didn't take a close look at the Face & Lip Set so I don't know which one it is. The other products on sale included foundations, lipsticks and a body mask.

hi Emma,
Getting around Singapore is very easy as it's such a small island. Most people take either buses or the subway/metro. Taxis are also plentiful. The buses and subway tend to be very crowded though, during the peak hours. Most people find Singapore very easy to adjust to and live in as you can get all types of cuisines here and the shops carry just about anything you can possibly need. The weather is hot and humid though not as hot as it gets in the Middle East or India. The work environment is usually very fast paced and long hours are not uncommon, but it really depends on your individual company and the people there. Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

i realise pnj sales comes very often nowadays, and it has become not worth to get their holiday sets when first launched. should just wait till their sales.

Lynn Cia said...

Hi iris, fyi, the sa at taka sale told me the prestige sale is from 4-6 may.

Lakwatsera Inday_gamay said...

Thanks haru, i bought a lipliner for only $12!

Winnie said...

How often do they have this kind of sale in Singapore??? I wish they have it in Taiwan too :-(( Hopefully I will be able to catch one next time I am in S'pore.

Adeline said...

Thanks! I usually pick up a couple of things during sales you've mentioned on your blog! I bought a P&J nailpolish for only $10 ;) the last P&J at Ngee Ann City I bought a couple of lipsticks and one nail polish, and the one at Isetan the last time I got the light cream foundation and a lipstick. Very good deals ;)

Btw, I saw you at Isetan Scotts on Friday.

Haru said...

hi Winnie,
Paul & Joe often participates in these sales organised by various department stores, like Isetan and Takashimaya. I would say every 2-3 months? But there's usually no advance information on when is the next sale.

hi Adeline,
Glad to hear that you got to score some great deals!