Friday, 29 April 2011

Uniqlo Cath Kidston T-shirts Haul at Vivocity

Uniqlo opened its fourth store in Singapore today at Vivocity. The new store is in the unit formerly occupied by River Island, next to Adidas.

It appears to have gotten off to a roaring start, thanks to the popularity of the UT collaboration T-shirts with Cath Kidston, Cacharel, Disney, One Piece etc. There is also a new Corporate Collection of T-shirts with beauty brands like Kate, Lavshuca, Canmake, Bourjois, OPI, Maybelline and Revlon. Everywhere my friend and I went in the mall, we saw people carrying Uniqlo shopping bags featuring either Cath Kidston, One Piece, Barbie or the Care Bears. (The Care Bears collection isn't in yet.)

All the Cath Kidston T-shirt designs are available in Singapore. However, it looks like the shirts and tunics are only available at the 313@Somerset store. The T-shirts are available in S, M, L and XL. The S fits me perfectly.

Here's what I came home with!

As an opening special, the T-shirts are on sale at just S$19.90 at the Vivocity store until 19 May. The normal retail price is S$24.90. The Cath Kidston collection is also available at other Uniqlo stores like Ion Orchard which is also selling the Ts at S$19.90. Considering that Cath Kidston's own T-shirts usually retail for around £25, the Uniqlo collection is much more affordable in comparison.

The T-shirts are made of 100% cotton and feel very soft. I love UT T-shirts like my Paul & Joe ones as they are very comfortable and last well.

The collection benefits a safe motherhood programme in Zambia.

With every two Cath Kidston T-shirts purchased, you get a Cath Kidston paper fan free. There are about 5 designs available. The fans come sealed in opaque sleeves and you are not allowed the choose the design.

With purchase of S$100 of any Uniqlo products, you can also receive a One Piece tumbler.

Aside from these gifts, I also picked up a free Coast To Coast skincare set comprising a Outback Brightening Fruit Fibre Eye Treatment Mask, a Rainforest Foot Exfoliant and a $10 voucher. This is a promotion between Coast To Coast and Vivocity, not Uniqlo. The first 100 shoppers per day between Monday and Friday to spend $100 at Vivocity could redeem a letter at the Vivocity Customer Service Counter and pick up the set at the Coast To Coast store. It seems like today is the last day for the promotion.

The Coast To Coast Rainforest Invigorating Body Exfoliant is one of my favourite body scrubs so I'm sure I'll like the Rainforest Foot Exfoliant too!


Anonymous said...

Hi Haru,

I went to the outlet at ION. They too have the cath kidston tees at special price $19.90 but no freebie :). Oh, they giving out the paper bag with the care bears graphic? I really wanted the bag but I didn't know they had it:(


Haru said...

Thanks for the info, will amend the post! Yup, the Vivocity store had 4 shopping bag designs to choose from. I love the Care Bears so I picked that instead of the Cath Kidston one which is just the Charity Project logo.

Anonymous said...

Means the sales staff never give me :( thanks for the clarification! Will pop by vivo outlet soon to get the paper bag. I love Care Bear too! I asked the staff about the care bear tees, they said it's coming around mid week of next month.


Haru said...

According to the newspaper ads, the One Piece tumbler and Cath Kidston fans are promotions that are exclusive to the Vivocity store.

AhCapp said...

Hi Iris

I love your haul! Will drop by soon to take a look. =)

Thank you for the update!

Hannah said...

I so want the paper fans! I'm looking for such fans lately but to no avail. I hope they'll still be available on Sunday. Can't make time to go Vivocity today or tomorrow. :(

Anonymous said...

The tunics & shirt & shirt dresses r available at Uniqlo 313

Haru said...

Thanks for the info!

MudpieVivi said...

Hi Iris,

AhCapp and I went to 313 and had a great big haul of CK tees LOL! One word of advice to all ladies is to try all the tees, don't assume they all fit the same. I normally wear Uniqlo's XL but sadly the CK tees with V-neck and cap sleeves are way too small for me :( So sad cos those are in my fave prints...The round necks are loose-fit so they fit me just fine ;)

I love your haul too! Wish I had time to go Vivo but it's too far out of the way for both of us. Thanks for sharing the pic of the fans!

AhCapp said...

Hahahah, I think my best friend MudpieVivi has some kind of ESP with me.

Yes, we went shopping together and I bought 7 T shirts! All loose fitting ones like Vivi's, L size. My favourite is the ones with the larger single floral print Charity project T. I must be mad to buy so many. But it was great fun though. =)

I would love to get just a tunic, but at $69.90, I will wait for it to be reduced first. =)

Elaine said...

Thanks Iris, I want the T-shirts! Will be zooming down to town later! ^^

Xinhui said...

hi Iris,
I was at ION today and I remembered seeing yr post on the Uniqlo x Cath Kidston tees so i popped in to hv a look. There aren't as many designs in the ION outlet as opposed to those i saw in yr post on Vivo outlet's stocks. Anyway, there's still quite alot of stock avail as of today if anybody else is interested :) I overheard a Japanese husband asking his wife to get the T cos its special price, haha. Anyway, I was attracted to the Cacharel ones too and I went home with 2 CK and 2 Cacharel tees in total :)

saltvinegar said...

Nice one! Thanks!

Chichaul said...


Your haul looks really great.
If you don't mind please share it with our fashion haul community.

Hope to see you around there!
xoxo :)