Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Addiction Summer 2012: Eye Lacquer WP

Addiction will introduce a new Eye Lacquer WP in nine shades (2625yen) on 11 May in Japan. These are semi-translucent, waterproof cream eyeshadows with names like Mermaid's Lash (opal). See pics on Abe Sawako's blog.

Addiction has also just released ten new nail polishes retailing at 1890yen each:
Moon Castle - dusty champagne gold
Nessie - silvery khaki green
RSVP - innocent greyish pearl pink
Bustier - pearly pink beige with silver pearl
Chateau Basque - creamy greyish beige
Private Jet- chic creamy greyish beige with a tint of purple
Mistress - mysterious creamy rose grey
Moonlight Serenade - pearlish milky green
Crystal Water - lake blue with green and silver pearl
Out Of The Blue - mysterious creamy midnight blue


Julia said...

Maybe I should buy one, considering they come out on my birthday. xD

makeupmag said...

Private Jet sounds lovely but I wonder if it's another greige.

The swatches of the new eye colours don't look fab but they might very well be similar to my dear Eye Fantasists! ;)

Beauty Box said...

Very pretty spring shades...Haru, have you tried Addiction nail polishes? Are they any good?

Haru said...

Yup, I have Jewel Beetle, which is dark emerald with gold shimmer, quite a nice complex shade. The formula was quite smooth and didn't chip majorly.