Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Maybelline Pure Mineral BB Clear Stick

Maybelline will release a new Pure Mineral BB Clear Stick (1260yen; 10g) on 23 June in Japan. Available in just one shade with SPF31 PA+++, the two-tone stick supposedly helps to provide coverage of pores and oil control. See more pics here.

Hopefully this will be a much better formula than their Pure Mineral BB Mousse which despite several tries, just did not apply evenly on my skin and ended up enhancing my pores instead with an unflattering matte finish.

Pics from Kokusaishogyo.


MaquiLab said...

Shiseido had a similar product, a mattifying stick, as I can remember, but it was too chalky. This one though looks more promising :)

Nana said...

Hi, can you advise me on olay products? Esp the white radiance range. I mean if you happened to use them before.

Haru said...

hi Nana,
I've tried only the Olay White Radiance CelLucent White Essence which was alright. It didn't make my skin extremely oily but I didn't notice significant brightening effects or fading of pigmentation marks.

huiyan said...

I have the same problem with the BB mousse too! Initially hoped that it will be a cheaper alternative to Shu Uemura BB mousse base, but the Maybeline mousse dried down to a chalky finish.. Was there something wrong with the way i applied it?

Haru said...

hi Huiyan,
I tried applying it with my fingers, once with moisturised skin (and it peeled horribly) and another time on bare skin and it still looked horrible, so I've given up on it. I suppose you can try applying with a brush or sponge to see if that helps.