Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Anna Sui Spring 2012 Collection Mook

The Anna Sui Spring 2012 Collection Mook will be released on 2 April in Japan.

Retailing at 1500yen, it includes a zip case with an embroidered brand logo and antique-looking butterfly charms on the zips.

The case can comfortably fit an iPad inside a clear plastic zip pocket. The iPad touch screen can be accessed through the clear plastic material. The case also comes with a detachable zip pouch. It looks like a refreshing change from the usual mook tote bags!

Pics and info from Amazon Japan.


makeupmag said...

What a nice idea for a mook gwp. WANT!

Thanks for sharing, dearie.

Moni said...

very neat Idea :) I am surprised by Anna Sui and I like it :)