Sunday, 18 March 2012

Essence Season of Extremes

Came across the Essence "Season of Extremes" nail polish trend edition today at my local supermarket here in Switzerland.

The collection features six Colour 3 duos and eight nail polishes in contrasting brights and subtle nudes.

The pic above shows from left to right: 06 My Best Nude, 04 Just The Nude Of Us, 05 Team Nude, 01 It's Two Bright, 02 Brightsmates and 03 We Are All Bright. Pity there are no irregular flakes in any of these.

The new Nude Glam Nail Polish in seven shades.

Also saw a new display for Catrice's Hidden World collection.

Astor, another German drugstore brand fronted by Heidi Klum.

1 comment:

Julia said...

I never knew Astor was a German brand! Makes sense, I guess, as I've never seen it anywhere outside Germany.
I don't buy much from them anyway, though - Heidi Klum annoys me. ^^;
They do have quite pale foundation, though - the HD thing is almost pale enough for me.