Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Lunasol Summer 2012

Here are some more pics from Voce of the Lunasol summer collection to be released on 18 May in Japan.

Petal Pure Eyes EX01 Fresh Pink and EX02 Fresh Coral (5250yen)

Glowing Powder Cheeks EX03 Pure Coral Pink (3675yen)

W Gloss Lips EX01 Beige×Light Pink and EX02 Coral×Clear Red (2940yen)

Skin Control Mist N (2310yen, 50ml)

Nail Finish N (1575yen): 01 Shining Pink, 02 Shell Pink, 03 Beige, 04 Rose Beige, 05 Red, 06 Shining Gold, EX01 Sheer White, EX02 Navy,EX03 Fresh Pink, EX04 Fresh Coral

Base Coat N (1575yen)

Glow Top (1575yen)


makeupmag said...

Is it me or does it look similar to spring 2012?!

Haru said...

Hey Mag,
Yup, they are continuing with the same petal theme of the spring collection but with new shades for the palettes and the blush.

Kas said...

I bought the blush in coral from the Spring collection and I really like how soft it is! Passed on the eyeshadow palette though. I realise these must really take a look at them in person :)

Caroline said...

I got 2 eyeshadow palettes from spring collection and also both of the blushes, they are actually all quite nice, just like Kas said, the blushes are truly soft and beautiful, like your face is glowing from the inside. Nail colors are also great, I definitely don't want to miss the summer collection.