Sunday, 18 March 2012

Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick New Shades #19, #20 and #22

At Monoprix in France, I was delighted to discover this new Rimmel spring collection featuring new shades of the Lasting Finish Lipstick designed by Kate Moss.

The display included 01 (classic red) which was released last year, plus #19, #20 and #22. When the Kate Moss collection was first launched last September, there were fifteen shades, with the shade selection varying across different countries. For example, there are 7 shades available in the UK and only 5 shades available in the US. The numbering of the new shades makes one wonder what the other shades between #16 to #21 look like. (If you have seen any of them, do let me know in the comments!)

Moss is sporting #20 in the ad visual. The lipsticks usually retail at €9.50, but Monoprix was running a promotion offering €2 off the new shades so I paid only €7.50 (about S$12.40) for each.

The display also included a new Extra Wow Lash Mascara and four nail polishes.

Kate's signature is printed in pink instead of red, like for the original collection.

The lipsticks come without any external packaging at all, not even a plastic seal which would help immensely to ensure that the products are not tested.

The white stickers bearing the bar code peel off in one piece without leaving any sticky residue. The list of ingredients is not stated.

#19 is a rosy beige, #20 is a bright Barbie pink and #22 is a vivid cherry. #19 appears to be more sheer than #20 and #22. All three have a smooth creamy texture.

Compared to #2, #20 is less vivid and more pink-toned while #22 is a brighter red than #1. I'm pretty sure I'll get plenty of wear out of these!


LauraLeia said...

#20 looks lovely! I've never seen these in Watsons or Guardian Malaysia though, so I really wonder if they'll even bring these in. >_<

Fiona Star said...

Ooh I love the bright Barbie pink! Do you know if they're available anywhere online, or only in the UK? I tried looking on but they're not available there.

Haru said...

hi Fiona,
I haven't seen these online anywhere, even the Rimmel France website does not have them. I don't think they are available in the UK too as none of the UK beauty blogs have mentioned them.

hi LauraLeia, has four of the original collection and they offer free international shipping too.

Citrine said...

Wow, I love 20 and 22. Even though we don't get these new shades very quickly in US, the price here are super competitive. It's around 5 dollars here in US and Rimmel goes half off occasionally. I was able to pick one (12) shade up for a little over a dollar (thanks to a coupon) two weeks ago!

Nina said...

Ooh I like #20 and 22... I wish Asos would have more colours in, especially #12!
Thanks for the swatches ;)

Caroline said...

Thanks for swatches! But what about number 16? You can find it at feelunique

Haru said...

hi Caroline,
Thanks for the tip! I didn't know about, now I'm tempted!

Caroline | said...

They're great! But they don't ship all products worldwide :(

Anyway, I can't find this lipstick #16 anywhere (not even on but I'm tempted to buy it since it looks very nice from what feelunique shows :)

Lynn said...

Hi Iris,
Thanks for the useful swatches, as usual! I saw you have #16. Can you please decribe how is the color like? It looks peachy from

lifewithella said...

I purchased #16 today and I have to say, I absolutely love it! The colour is great, it tastes/smells fruity and it doesn't make your lips feel all agitated and dry like some other lipsticks I've tried in the past.

Definitely going to purchase some more shades: I'm thinking #20 next!

- Maria xo

whimsical-fantasist said...

Hello, great post! Do you think shade 22 is a pink red? Does it appear quite pinkish on the lips? I'm looking for a red lipstick but I don't want one which is really pink!

Haru said...

#22 is a pink-toned red. If you want a pure red shade, I recommend #1 or #9.