Friday, 23 March 2012

RMK 15th Anniversary Cheek Palette and New Skincare

The RMK 15th Anniversary Cheek Palettes (S$85, 6.5g) designed by illustrator Tanabe Hiroshi are now available at the counters in Singapore as well as (which offers free international delivery). You can read a detailed review of 01 Pink Coral on Makeup Stash.

RMK is also offering the bag below as the gift with purchase of S$220.

RMK is also launching a pair of Skintuner Brightening in Light and Moist (150ml, 3570yen each) on 23 March in Japan. These contain extracts of royal jelly, orange, starfruit, raspberry and beta carotene. The Light version has a bitter orange scent while the Moist version has a raspberry scent.

Foamed Soap (M) (160g, 3150yen) and Cream Soap (S) (115g, 2940yen) will be released on 6 April in Japan. Foamed Soap (M) has a soothing lavender scent and produces a luxurious silky foam for thoroughly cleansing the skin, leaving it soft and hydrated while Cream Soap S has a sweet lemon scent and contains apricot extract to help exfoliate the skin. The Foamed Soap (M) is also available in refill format for 2940yen. See more pics on Kuri's Beauty Report.

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Anonymous said...

Just curious, I notice most Japanese products come with letters like M, S and EX in the product names. What do they represent?