Sunday, 11 March 2012

RMK Ingenious Powder Eyes SH-10 Greenish Gray

RMK Ingenious Powder Eyes SH-10 Greenish Gray (S$59) is one of two new eyeshadow singles added by RMK to their permanent range this spring.

It comes in a slim metal compact with a mirror under the lid. The case is a fingerprint magnet but otherwise, it is quite sturdy, easy to open and snaps shut with a solid metallic-sounding click. The included brush is silky soft without any hint of scratchiness.

The shade is quite unusual due to its greyish tone. Typical of RMK eyeshadows which tend to have a translucent quality, it is not intensely pigmented. It applies sheer at first but can be layered to a gentle silvery shimmery finish. Using a primer helps to bring out the green tint in SH-10, like how it looks in the compact. The shimmer is very refined, no chunky glitter bits here.

The pic below shows swatches done over bare skin (left) and over Too Faced Shadow Insurance (right).

For this look, I paired it with the shades in the RMK Sprinkling Eyes 02 Green. Applied over a primer, SH-10 lasted quite well throughout the day without creasing. I liked the glimmer which keeps the look from being too dull. The greyish green shade is slightly smokey, but still suitable for the daytime.

The Ingenious Powder Eyes retail for 3675yen in Japan, £20 in the UK, US$26.90 on (if shipping outside the UK/EU) and S$59 in Singapore. While SH-10 is quite a unique shade, that is a frightfully high amount to shell out for a single eyeshadow that weighs 1.9g, especially considering that the Sprinkling Eyes quads are 4725yen/S$76/£36 for 5.3g. It is also odd that the price is much lower in the UK than Japan and Singapore, despite the UK have a higher VAT tax rate of 20%. I wouldn't say SH-10 is a must-have but I do like it enough to reach for it quite often these days.


Unknown said...

Looks gorgeous! I've never tried RMK shadows before but have always wanted to. Thanks for the pics and the review.

kuri said...

It looks lovely on you; I like the shine. But wow, that price is exorbitant!

Haru said...

hi kuri,
Yup, the price is horrid for an eyeshadow single. Although the UK price is two-thirds of the price in Singapore, that's still a hefty chunk of change! For a few dollars more, you can get a MAC eyeshadow quad.

Anonymous said...

I'm rather put off by RMK's pricing. They should take it from Benefit and lower their pricing. It's not as if the products are that excellent or unique. And i find their quality varies.I rather explore other lines from other brands at this pricing.

Sharlynn said...

Looks lovely in the pan, wish it were darker! Then again I'd prob never pick this up! I like how you used it, looks simple and posh! :)

Cath said...

Off topic: Have you tried the Suqqu powder foundation?

Haru said...

hi Cath,
Nope, I haven't tried it.

Lisa said...

Looks similar to Erika F!