Friday, 2 March 2012

Anna Sui Summer 2012 and New Skincare

According to Voce, the Anna Sui summer collection will debut on 26 April in Japan.

1. Eye & Lip Color Palette 2012 (4200yen): 01 Ocean (with eye colors in turquoise blue, tropical pink and deep blue; lip colors in hot pink, shiny silver pearl and purple) and 02 Sunset (eye colors in copper orange, golden yellow and red brown; lip colors in sunset orange, gold and purple)

2. Nail Color Kit 2012 (2 x 8ml; 3675yen): 01 Ocean (001 Sea Glitter Silver and 100 Sea Blue) and 02 Sunset (500 Sea Glitter Bronze and 400 Sunset Red)

3. Makeup Remover Pen (1890yen, 2g): Gel/oil-based point makeup remover that can remove even waterproof mascara and eyeliner.

Also, 5 April will see the release of a new Balancing Lotion (3150yen, 190ml) and Balancing Cleanser (2940yen, 180ml).

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Surekha said...

You gotta hand it to Anna Sui, the packaging is amazing! For those blue cases alone I would have bought the nail polishes! Sadly it's not readily available in the UK (even some of the fragrances are hard to come by)!