Friday, 30 March 2012

LeSportsac 2012 Spring/Summer Collection Mook: Picnic

Thanks to Mag, I was able to get the LeSportsac 2012 Spring/Summer Collection mook which comes with a charming pouch in the new Picnic print.

The "2 way nano sized pouch" measures just 27x20x7cm, so I would use this as a bag-in-bag instead. The design is a miniature version of the Everygirl tote. There is also a Dot version (black with white polka dots) which you can see on Womania.

The mook retails for 1380yen on Amazon Japan and US$27.49 on (inclusive of free international shipping). I don't know the exact price at Kinokuniya in Singapore but I think it is at least S$30. It does seem pricey but considering that the Picnic Junior Every Girl Tote (20x20x10cm) retails at 6510yen, the price of the mook looks reasonable in comparison.

The whimsical picnic print sprinkled with cherries, strawberries and butterflies turned out to be much more attractive in real life than I had expected, based on the official images online. I also liked the placement on my pouch.

Although the pouch comes with a detachable strap, I would not use the strap as the size looks more appropriate for a child. The strap can be adjusted between 65cm to 125cm.

There is also a keychain with a plastic heart charm.

The materials are the same as those used for the usual LeSportSac bags.

The front zip pocket can fit two lipsticks easily.

While the pouch looks tiny, it can fit quite a number of makeup products.

In it, I managed to fit a powder foundation case, a face powder case, a lipgloss pot, four lipsticks, two lipglosses, an eyegloss duo, a blush pot and an eyeshadow.

While most of the seams inside the bag are covered, the seam running across the top (where the grey straps are attached) are exposed.

There is a layer of padding between the exterior and the inner pink lining.

The pouch is the "baby" of the family with my Everygirl Tote (right) and Deluxe Everygirl Tote (left)!


cewek said...

Cute! But if I were to purchase the mook, I'd probably gift the pouch with the strap to my 21 mth old niece!

ReY said...

pardon me, but I'm more interested on the things that u put inside the pouch instead of the pouch itself! haha
would u mind identifying the items? those r the cutest packages ever! thanks! ;D

seishouai said...

Cute! I bought it in the other black/white dot print.

Actually this is like the wee baby of the Everygirl Tote family.

Sizes from smallest to biggest tote:
2012 S/S Mook
Junior Everygirl
Small Everygirl
Deluxe Evergirl


Haru said...

hey Rey,
The makeup items are all from Paul & Joe's past seasonal collections. If you click on the 'Paul & Joe' category, you will be able to see my past posts on the various collections.

hey seishouai,
I didn't know there were these other sizes of Everygirl! Thanke for the info :)

Tracy said...

Wow! This mook is definitely a winner! I wish I could get my hands on one too. Paul & joe makeup looks sweet in that little pouch. Adorable!!

makeupmag said...

You make me want it too but I resisted. I picked up the last mook...and put it back, heh.