Friday, 16 March 2012

Essence Nail Colour 3 01 Midnight Date

This week, I've been sporting Essence Nail Colour 3 in 01 Midnight Date.

Midnight Date is a shimmery midnight blue while City That Never Sleeps is the gem of this duo, filled with irregularly shaped emerald flakes that catch the light nicely to contrast against the translucent blue/purple base. Each side contains 4ml/0.13 fl oz of product.

The irregular flakes add a lovely complexity and depth to the mysterious midnight blue hue. I'm actually liking this more than Deborah Lippman's Across The Universe which has a similar color scheme but with much larger pieces of hexagonal glitter. The flakes in City That Never Sleeps are much less obtrusive than the glitter in Across The Universe.

The formula was quite smooth while the brush was also easy to handle. I applied two coats of Midnight Date, followed by two coats of City That Never Sleeps and finished with Dior Top Coat.

After three days, there has been some tip wear but no major chipping. Overall, I think this is a steal at CHF4.50 (about S$6.20) and definitely well worth checking out if you have access to Essence.


Unknown said...

Wow, wish essence brings that into singapore quickly!! unlikely though :(

Nina said...

Hi Iris :)
Your nails r looking good with this colour. Agree with blackmentos that Singapore would have the current n more offerings from Essence. I tried their multi action original mascara n it does its job well

makeupmag said...

Very nice! You have to try the Nfuoh I gave you - the flakies have a similar effect. ;)

sleepandwater said...

I love the teal flaked glitter in this, gorgeous :)