Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Kose Anmiel

Anmiel, a new Kose brand of false eyelashes in three styles and a mascara will debut on 14 March in Japan. Targeted at ladies in their teens and 20s, Anmeil is produced by model Funayama Kumiko (popularly known as "Kumikki"), who is known for her frequent appearances in Popteen magazine.

Eyelash 100 (1050yen for 2 pairs)

Eyelash 200

Eyelash 300: For use on the lower eyelids.

Mascara (Long) BK01 (1260yen, 7g): Formulated with silk essence and rosemary extract and three types of fibres, this is a film-type mascara that can be removed with warm water.

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