Saturday, 6 October 2007

Anna Sui Holiday

Photos of the Anna Sui holiday collection from 2Channel. The collection will be released in 2 parts on 1 Nov (items #1 to #3) and 1 Dec in Japan (#4 - #7).

1. Makeup Kit in 2 variations (pink and orange): pouch, lipgloss and face color (5250yen)
2. Super Mascara Glitter in 4 shades (2940yen)
3. Color Powder in 2 shades (2100yen)
4. Beauty Tray P and Beauty Tray R (1785yen each)
5. Hand Mirror Gold (2205yen)
6. Nail Color in 5 shades (1575yen)
7. Dolly Girl Lipstick in 3 shades (2625yen)
8. Dolly Girl Nail Color in 3 shades (1575yen)


Kathi said...

Cute as everything from Anna Sui. Doesn't blow me away though =P

the Muse said...

I want the glitter mascaras and the powder but aside from that gotta agree with Kathi nothing to blow me over!

I'm sorta shocked at how little the Holiday collections are doing for me!

Eager to see more MJ!