Monday, 29 October 2007

Eprise Sparking Kit

Eprise is the color makeup line by Albion (which also makes Paul & Joe cosmetics). Albion is more well-known for its skincare, such as its top seller Essential Skin Conditioner but the Eprise line is definitely worth checking out if you have a chance. I like their Gradation Color Eyes palettes (3990yen) and their Creamy Eye Colors (2940yen). Albion is also famous for its Exage Chiffon foundations which are often top Japanese magazine consumer polls and department store sales rankings.

For this holiday season, Eprise will be releasing two Sparkling Kits (6825yen), each featuring an eyeshadow palette, a Jewel Color Gloss (lipgloss) and an eau de toilette 12ml.


Anonymous said...

Hi Iris! So Eprise will be a department store brand right? i.e. sold at Albion counters vs drugstores? Thanks!

Haru said...

Yes, that's right!