Monday, 8 October 2007

Chanel Think Pink Haul

I went to check out the Chanel Think Pink collection and ended up hauling the #45 Poesie powder blush, Natural Finish Pressed Powder #507 Rose Blossom and the eyeshadow quad, which turned out to be #28 Songes. According to Productville on Makeupalley, #28 Songes was discontinued awhile ago. It was a bit disappointing to find out that the quad was just a re-promote rather than a new Asia-exclusive quad. The quad has a deep brown shade with slight plum tones, an icy light pink, a tan beige and a vanilla shade. All the shades are shimmery without being frosty and have good color payoff. The texture is very smooth and silky, hence a breeze to blend. This quad is a good basic quad for a sweet polished look especially if you're not the type who likes to experiment with bold colors. However, for the price, I think I still prefer Jill Stuart's Brilliance Eyes #1 Pink Quartz to Songes as the former has a more vibrant and interesting array of pinks and mauve shades. But the Jill Stuart eyeshadows has larger glitter bits that tends to fall on the cheeks or lower eyelid area whereas the Chanel quad has only a microfine pearl shimmer without any chunky glitter.

Poesie blush is a lovely natural rosy pink while Rose Blossom Pressed Powder is a shimmery highlighter that also helps to add a rosy glow. Both have a lovely silky texture that is a dream to apply.


Anonymous said...

Hi Iris, thanks for responding to my email on makeupalley (i'm cuttibebe).

I was wondering, what is the difference between the circle e/s palette and the square e/s palette for Chanel. I only own the circle ones as they are always so shimmery and glittery, but have always wondered what the differences are to the square ones.

I actually have trouble applying these circle ones, as the actual powder doesn't stick to the sponge applicator, it only rubs off some glitters. From your post, it seems like you had no such problem, maybe it's just my palette.

One more question, does the blush still have that strong fregrance smell? I only own one Chanel blush (the one with 3 colors in one, think it was a LE from years ago.) but I barely touched because of the strong rose scent I guess? Not sure if u've noticed it in yours.

Love your site, oh, and congratz on joining in the Beauty Network! =)


Haru said...

Hi Stephanie!

From what I've read on MUA, the square palettes are less pigmented than the round ones. I currently own 3 Chanel palettes and they are all the round kind. I have no problems applying them at all with the included sponge applicator which picks up the eyeshadow easily and with good pigment too. The only problem I had with the sponge applicator was that it fell apart the first time I tried to wash one! I'm not sure why you had problems with your palette, perhaps that quad was one of the less pigmented ones?

The blush still has the rose scent but for me, it's not overpowering and I actually like it!

the Muse said...


Nice haul Iris!

Tempting me!

Anonymous said...

Is the blush very pigmented? As I am worry that it is too light that it will not show on my face.

What about the pressed powder?

Still decide whether to get the blush and the pressed powder.

Anonymous said...

Wow so pretty! I am definitely tempted by the Posie blush after your pics of them! I am getting interested in the Chanel quad too! :) thanks for posting!