Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Bobbi Brown, Awake & Beaute de Kose Holiday

Web Domani has a couple of small pics from the Bobbi Brown Holiday Collection press launch. The collection comes in 2 parts, Pink Quartz and Palette System. The Palette System will launch first on 2 November. There will be two eyeshadow palettes in neutral and dark (5250yen), a lip gloss palette (5040yen) and a blush palette (4725yen). All of these are designed to fit inside the Palette System Holder (7350yen) which comes with mini blush, eyeshadow and eyeliner brushes plus a mini mascara.

Pink Quartz will be released on 1 December. Together with Chanel's Pink Collection, this is one of the collections that I'll definitely be checking out when it launches at the counters. The Pink Quart Shimmer Brick is different from previous Shimmer Bricks in that it contains pink, rose, gold and beige shades instead of just shades from the same color family.
1. Shimmer Brick Pink Quartz 5,460yen
2. Glitter Lip Gloss in 4 shades, 2940yen
3. Nail Shimmer Pink Quartz, 2100yen
4. Pink Quartz Organiser, 7350yen
5. Pink Quartz Deluxe 8 Mini Brush set, 12600yen
6. Best of Chocolate Palette 6090yen


A pic of the Awake Christmas coffret also surfaced on 2Channel. Looks like it will include the usual mascara, glittery nail polish, lipgloss, a face powder and two small eyeshadow palettes. According to WWD Japan, there will also be a color collection to be released on 1 Dec that includes 3 Star Illusions Eyes Stardom palettes (5040yen), 2 Lip Lacquers (2940yen) and 2 Nail Colors (1050yen).

And finally, here's a super tiny pic of the Beaute de Kose Snowflake Compact (6300yen) that includes 4 pastel eyeshadows, 2 lip colors, 2 lipglosses in a white case. This will be released on 1 November.

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