Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Majolica Majorca Holiday Sneak Peak

Yoshida Natsumi's blog features a photo of some items from the Majolica Majorca holiday collection that she received on a photo shoot. There are also some Shiseido Keisho Wakusho items in the photo but guessing from the packaging alone, the two eyeshadow palettes on the left of the pic are Majolook palettes and the white tube is the holiday limited edition version of either Lash Expader or Lash Enamel Glamour. The hexagonal red and pink palettes in the foreground seem to be from Integrate. My guess is that the collection will be launched on November 21, the same date as Maquillage.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the previews! You have the best leads on Japanese makeup releases.


the Muse said...

*falls over*

I want these hehehe!

Do you think they'll do a glitter mascara like prior years?

I don't have one and I'd love to nab it!

Anonymous said...

Hi, its so nice.. too bad cant get in spore.. will you be going back to japan?

We missed your CP..


Haru said...

I'm not going back to Japan. You can always try ordering it from adambeauty.com