Monday, 1 October 2007

Shu Uemura, Dior and Estee Lauder Holiday News

Some more news on forthcoming winter collections from Shu Uemura, Dior and Estee Lauder:

Shu Uemura
1. Nail Enamel in gold beige and chocolate brown (1575yen)
2. Holiday Palette: one in green and purple and another in brown tones (6090yen)
3. Glitter Mascara in silver (3360yen)
4. Brush Set 2007 (9450yen): face brush, cheek brush, eyeshadow brush, lip brush and case
5. Holiday Kit (9030yen): Cream Foundation 30g, UV Underbase Mousse 65g, Sponge with case, Cleansing Pure Oil Premium A/I 50ml, pouch.

Dior (1 Dec)
Totally Dior Cannage (from 34,650yen): Choice of Dior lipstick, choice of nail polish, Skin Shimmering Loose Powder, Compact Face Brush, Cannage Vanity

Fragrance Little Luxury (5460yen): 5ml miniatures of Addict 2 EDT, Pure Poison EDP, J'Adore EDP, Miss Dior Cherie EDP

Prestige Luxury Night (34,650yen): Prestige Nuit 50ml, Prestige Lotion 30ml, Prestige Mousse 50ml, Presige Serum Mask 23ml, J'Adore EDP 50ml, jewellery box

Dior will also be releasing its limited edition winter color collection on 9 November that will include:
1. Cinq Couleurs #340 Secret Charm and #360 Amber Treasure
2. Nail Vinyl #410 Party Dazzle and #470 Pink Socialite
3. Style Liner #544 Pure Gold
4. Dior Show Powder #12 Dream Light
5. Dior Light (9450yen): a crystal-studded round pendant that has a lipgloss inside.

Estee Lauder
Good as Gold Gift Set 2007 (6,090yen, 1 Dec): Deluxe Pure Color Eyeshadow Compact, Tender Blush Compact, Pure Color Lipstick, Artist Lip Pencil, Artist Eye Pencil, makeup brush and evening bag


Kathi said...

Hmmmm... now a green and purple Shu palette sounds interesting. I thought they settled for blah browns this year! Any pics of the new Shu palette?

Haru said...

Not yet, only the pic that I posted earlier. But the resolution is so poor, can't tell if they're actually both brown!