Friday, 26 October 2007

Aube Website Update

The Aube website has been updated with the Christmas collection! I'm lemming the Rouge Tiara Veil lipgloss (3150yen) in RD615 Merry Cherry :-) The close-up pic of Jewellery Shower Eyes EX02 (3675yen) looks absolutely gorgeous too. Sparkling Color Powder (1575yen) is a limited edition shimmery loose powder available in 2 shades, #1 Champagne Gold and #2 Shiny Pink. These can be used to add sparkle on top of your usual eyeshadow or as a face highlighter. The packaging is not as unique as the Glamorous Jewel Powder but the price is much lower.

The website also has two makeup tutorials. Here's the breakdown of the products used for the two looks:
Pure Innocent: Jewellery Shower Eyes EX02, Rouge Tiara Veil PK612, Lip Liner & Concealer S PK62, Mix Veil Cheek 811 Rose, Sparkling Color Powder #2 Shiny Pink

Modern Innocent: Jewellery Shower Eyes #31 Purple, Rouge Tiara Veil RS614, Lipliner & Concealer S RD63, Mix Veil Cheek 813 Red, Sparkling Color Powder #1 Shiny Gold

@Cosme also has a page showcasing the upcoming Spring 2008 collection. You can see all 5 new Impression Eyes palettes here! The special feature of these palettes is the "jet black pearl shadow" which is the liner shade for creating a more dramatic look. And like Jewellery Shower Eyes, the lightest shade in each quad is a cream eyeshadow that is meant to be used as the base. Just point your mouse/cursor over the pic of the 5 palettes and that will lead to a pop-up window showing the green palette as applied on the model (pic on right) compared with a typical gradational palette (on left). The Spring collection will be launched on 8 December in Japan.


Anonymous said...

I like PK612! These are not LE right?

The new e/s palettes looks rather promising!

the Muse said...

just like you said Iris! gorgeous!

It's on my wish list!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I love the looks they created! So pretty! The model is GORGEOUS too!

Anonymous said...

OMG Aube EX02 is gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

AUBE EX02 is stunning. It looks even more special than #32~! The exorbitant prices online scares me though.