Saturday, 20 October 2007

Aube Christmas Collection

Some of you may know that Aube's Jewellery Shower Eyes series is one of my favourite Japanese eyeshadow palette series and I've also CP'd it for numerous people, most of whom adore it too. So I'm kind of sad that the Jewellery Shower Eyes EX02 is likely to be the last new palette in the series since Aube will introduce a new series, Impression Eyes, starting Spring 2008. Here are some pics of the Aube Christmas collection pamphlet from 2Channel. The EX02 palette looks lovely with smokey grey and bronzey gold shades. There will also be a new Sparkling Color Powder in 2 shades, the usual pink and gold. I'll probably get the EX02 palette just because it will probably be the last addition to the Jewellery Shower Eyes series.


Anonymous said...

looks great! the shades look gd. and rinka looks wonderful.
this and lavshuca are must get!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! I love the colour combination. It'll be a lovely addition to my collection ;)