Saturday, 6 October 2007

Stila News

Some of you may know that I'm a longtime Stila fan. Along with MAC, Stila was one of the first brands that I first fell in love with at the start of my makeup obsession. A couple of weeks ago, rumours were circulating on Makeupalley that Stila was in danger of going out of business. Then MUAer alyheartsyou posted this email from Stila not only confirming that they were NOT going out of business but they've got an exciting schedule of new products all lined up well into 2009 including a revamp of their eyeshadows range (which was already very impressive).

And even more exciting (for me at least), Stila will be using more of the Stila girls in their product packaging!! Stila started to phase out the Stila girls because they wanted to go more upmarket and appeal to older customers who thought that the Stila girls were too cutesy. But ask any longtime Stila fan and they will tell you that the Stila girls are a key reason why Stila is so special for us. All the Taiwan and Japan-exclusive palettes, blushes and GWP bags, train cases etc show that it is possible to put out fun, innovative products with sleek, modern packaging that features the Stila girls. By the way, I'm so loving the new Stila girls illustration for the holiday collection!

Stila's official website is now back up and running. The newest additions are the Smokey Eye Palettes in Emerald and Brozne. MUAer Sara13 posted a reply from Stila customer service regarding the shades in the palette and turns out that the Emerald palette has June Bug (green shade) and Poise (liner shade) plus two new shades while the Bronze palette has 3 new shades and Java. So that definitely rules out the two new palettes for me as I already have June Bug and Java. June Bug is lovely with excellent color payoff so these are good options to consider if you don't already own a lot of Stila. Stila is also taking an innovative approach of inviting Youtubers to send in their videos featuring Stila products in action.

And finally to round off, check out MUAer littlemitzik's amazing Stila collection here!

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