Sunday, 7 October 2007

Maquillage Winter Collection

Maquillage will release its winter collection on 21 November in Japan.

1. Crystallising Lip Compact in 4 variations, 3150yen
2. Eye Color in 4 new shades, 1050yen
3. Design Make Powder (shimmery face powder) in 2 shades, 2625yen
4. Nail Color in 2 new shades, 945yen

Here are the promo images for the collection (from 2Channel) with the four spokesmodels sporting soft glam rock looks.


Kathi said...

Sounds quite blah =( The models always look gorgeous though!

Rabbit said...

Waaah!! They are Beautiful!! (*-*)

Anonymous said...

no more ebi chan?
who's da second girl from left
in the 1st pic

Anonymous said...

whatz the eyeshadow colors and lippie used for the current model on the website?
cant seem to find the info, only the foundation used

Haru said...

Ebi-chan is still there! She's in the 2nd pic on the right side and also in the last pic at the bottom on the right. The model who's not in these pics is Shinohara. The second girl from the left in the first pic is a new model for Maquillage, not too sure of her name.

The website doesn't list the eyeshadow colors and lipsticks for the current models on the website.

janice said...

is shinohara not a part of the maquillage campaign anymore?

the new girl is an-chan ("Anne" Watanabe--ken watanabe's daughter).