Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Aube Spring 2008

Few of the Christmas collections have really caught my fancy this year so I've been impatiently awaiting news of the Spring 2008 collections as spring is usually the season in which most Japanese brands launch their largest collections for the year and introduce new product lines (such as a new eyeshadow palette series). Well, here's the very first glimpse of a Spring 2008 collection from Aube, which is Sofina's flagship mid-end makeup brand that is retailed in both drugstores and department stores in Japan. Aube is one of the few remaining makeup brands that are still regularly discounted by up to 30% in Japanese drugstores so its products are much more affordable compared to its competitors in the same price range such as Maquillage and Esprique Precious.

The collection will include:
1. Rouge Pure Stay longlasting lipstick
2. Impression Eyes: 5 palettes in brown, green, blue, purple and pink
3. Pon Pon Cheek: 3 shades in pink, red and orange (basically a knock-off of the YSL blush pots with the sponge applicator)
4. Mascara

The above are all permanent. There will also be a small limited edition collection that includes Jewellery Shower Eyes EX02 (white, brown and smokey grey ), Rouge Moisture lipgloss and a highlight powder. Unfortunately, one of my favourite Aube products, Glamorous Jewel Powder will be discontinued with the launch of the new Pon Pon Cheeks so do grab these before they are gone.

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear, the new palette doesn't look as exciting as the Jewellery Shower Eyes