Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Pupa Luminys Baked Eyeshadows & Blush

I came across a brilliant line of baked eyeshadows and face powders from Pupa, an Italian brand, in my local Sasa store and couldn't resist picking some of them up. The texture is luxuriously silky with great color payoff. The eyeshadows can be applied either dry or wet (for greater intensity). I got the Eyeshadow Mono Double Effects in #2, #4, #9 and #10 (S$25; 11.90 euros) as well as the Luminys Baked All Over Illuminating Blush Powder #1 (S$35.10). These are all made in Italy, where MAC's MSFs are also produced. What I liked about the Illuminating Blush Powder is that it has only very fine pearlescent microshimmer that is not too frosty and it also has no chunky glitter bits that make one look like a disco ball. It comes in only 2 shades. #2 is a more beige/tan combination. I think this may be limited edition as it was not part of the larger Pupa counter at Seiyu Bugis. Seiyu had another line of baked blushes that are smaller and come in 4 shades.

The eyeshadows come in a gorgeous array of vibrant and neutral shades. There was a 20% discount on the eyeshadows and so I ended up getting 4 of these. There are about 10 shades in total as well as another 4 that came out for spring/summer.


Anonymous said...

Totally in love with these! I have 9 of the shadows, one blush and the pink all over powder! :)

Which Sasa outlets carry this line, do you know? I'd love to get more. ;)

Haru said...

The Sasa at Wisma carries Pupa. That's the only one I know of.

Anonymous said...

I have 12 Pupa Luminys Baked Eyeshadow, 1 Luminys Blusher & 1 Baked Powder (for face). I think the color is quite intense and quality is soft,quite nice. I got all these stuffs when I went Italy last month. Since all MSF & MES are made there, there are really quite a few Italian brands carrying baked cosmetics. Besides Pupa, there are Kiko,Collistar,Deborah,Nouba & Freeage (from what I know).

Sasa Vivo also sells Pupa cosmetics.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Iris. Now I need to pop by town! I'm sure some of the other Sasas have them...I just can't remember which one. I distinctly recall seeing them elsewhere. Maybe Vivo?

Oh, it's a pity the gold from the Summer collection never made it here. I wonder if it would ever arrive. It looks brilliant online!


Here's a link to a huge photo of the spring collection!


Delectable. :D

Rabbit said...

Have the light purple one and its a very good eyeshadow!=)

Haru said...

Hey Mag, thanks for the links! I think I need to get that blue eyeshadow ;-p