Thursday, 11 October 2007

Maquillage Christmas 2007

Check out this picture of Maquillage's Christmas collection due to be released on 21 November! The collection includes 4 Cyrstallizing Lip Compacts in beige, red, pink and rose. Each lip palette contains a treatment lip base (extreme left), rouge color (2nd from left), nuance gloss (2nd from right) and a clear shiny gloss (extreme right) plus a double-ended brush applicator. The recommended application method is to apply the treatmet lip base first, followed by the rouge color and then topped off with either the nuance gloss or the clear shiny gloss. There will also be a limited edition makeup case that can hold one lip palette refill and two single eyeshadows, plus new shades of nail polishes, single eyeshadows.


Anonymous said...

I just got started on Maquillage and I must say that picture sure created major lemmings. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey do u have any idea how much will that palette (the one with the 4 lip colours and 2 shadows) cost in japan?

PS: i totally ADORE ur blog!!! Ur collections looks exceptionally delicious, especially the jillstuart ones!!! Love ur blog!!! Its so different from the other English cosmetic blogs that are infested with European cosmetics (which i love too but they lack the Asian factor).

Haru said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by :-) I believe the palette is around 4200yen including tax in Japan. It's slightly cheaper than buying the case, the lip quad refill and 2 single eyeshadow refills separately but you don't get to choose the shades that go into the pre-made palettes.